Live Piano Karaoke

Welcome to Pianoke! The home of the first live Piano Karaoke experience. Everyone loves Karaoke, and who doesn’t like live music? Let’s combine the two things and you have Pianoke! The brand new, cost-effective entertainment which is perfect for bars and nightclubs, as well as weddings parties and events.

The concept is incredibly simple, when you book Pianoke for your event you will be safe in knowing that your music is sorted. On the day of your booking a professional musician will arrive, set up a small stage area, complete with piano, speakers and microphones and everything is ready.

When the event starts, the music will start and there will be a selection of songs played and sung by the musician allowing your guests to think about what they would like to sing. Come and speak to the pianist at any point and you can pick a song!

You will be provided with an iPad with lyrics and a performance of your favourite karaoke track will happen. The beautiful thing about the live element is that every performance is unique with your guests getting to sing with a live musician who will be able to make them look brilliant, as well as adding in backing vocals and putting the song into the best possible key for them to have an incredible time and a great performance for everyone else to enjoy.